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How? Plan your visual media to give every church service a cohesive look & feel.

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Unify your service around one visual theme.

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Find everything you need for a service on a single web page.

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The Answer is Yes

  • Will the worship media work with my software?Yes! Works with every kind of church media software, including ProPresenter, PowerPoint, Easy Worship, and Media Shout.
  • Will this media be the right size and format?Yes! Media is available in Standard Def, High Def, and Triple Wide (for Three Screens or Environmental Projection).
  • Will there be enough media for an entire service?Yes! Each set includes 5-10 motions and stills, along with a countdown and lots of extras.
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Big churches and small churches around the world have discovered the easier way to improve their worship visuals.

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Who We Are

Shift Worship exists to help churches help all of us shift our worship from self to God. For over a decade, we’ve been making visual media for churches and then helping those churches to use that media better.

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