About Shift Worship

Welcome to Shift Worship. We’re glad you’ve stopped by our site! Our goal at Shift Worship is to provide high quality church media, at an affordable price, and an easy to use web service for you to locate the media you need.

We’ve been creating media since 2003, and have seen the church media industry grow rapidly since. We feel churches should be able to have great media without having to pay $5, $10, $15 and even $20 per clip. We hope you take some time to look through our site and consider the All Access Pass. With a low annual membership fee, you can have access to everything we offer, and everything added during your membership. With our weekly media releases, you’ll find the content is always new & fresh!

If you’ve been purchasing church media, you know how fast “per clip download” costs add up. Hopefully, Shift Worship can be an easy to use, low cost option for your church media needs. With a convenient sign-in process you can share the username & password within your different church ministries. As long as you’re using the media for your church, you can download as much media as you need, as often as you like. With a thousand plus media clips on the Shift Worship site, you’re literally paying pennies per clip.

We sure appreciate you visiting our site! We hope you find what you need. Please feel free to email or call with any questions.

Josh Lyon
Shift Worship

Shift Worship media files will work with nearly every type of presentation software, including:

  • Sunday Plus
  • Media Shout
  • Easy Worship
  • Pro Presenter
  • Live Worship
  • Song Show Plus
  • PowerPoint*
  • Apple Keynote
  • and more

Get your Shift Worship All Access Pass today and have unlimited access to some of the most unique and creative media on the market. The All Access Pass is updated regularly so there is always new content ready to be downloaded.

*Video files will play in PowerPoint, but an appropriate video plug-in is required to overlay text on top of motion backgrounds.