Planner 26 Warm Tones


The warm tones is this planner are accompanied, mostly, by subtle motion and gently flickering light to make for a cozy, contemplative service.

This collection uses the following font:

• Helvetica Font Family: Condensed, Black, Bold, etc.

For more options within the color family of this service, use the color match feature below.

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FormatAllMPEG-1, MOV, WMV
This soft, candle-lit scene leaves room on the left side for text while the flourishes move gently and easily on the right.
Wide open and soft focused, this background creates a natural spot for centered text with a good drop shadow. Consider using a tan or cream colored text, maybe sampled from the image itself.
Using low depth of field and candlelight, this background frames your left-justified text very nicely in the upper left corner of the image.
This warm, sobering image comes from a monestery in San Antonio, Texas. Place your drop shadowed text below the feet to keep the focus on what the Savior did for us on the cross.
Offering turbulent, circular movement of warm light, this background works well for a fast-paced song. Use big text right in the center. Maybe switch to the still version for the verses.
This patterned background with asymetrical lighting comes with a gentle flicker in the motion. The still could work for a sermon or Scripture passages. Place text left in the darker area.

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